Manufacturing Process of Gamma Nu
Quality Principle
01 As a mobile communication antenna manufacturer, we focus on providing PIM FREE ANTENNAS thus enabling a COVERAGE / CAPACITY / COST optimized air interface technology; as well as to continually improve the quality and production efficiency to satisfy the end user.
02 We educate and train ourselves deeply to sustain our quality management.
Quality Purpose
Environment Principle
We make environment one of the major factors in decision
We continually improve the causes of environmental
We obey the environmental regulations.
We make detailed environmental purpose and execution to
achieve systematic improvement.
We contribute to the development of local community
through training ourselves as well as through the collaboration
with the local community

Basic Values
Hearty Science and Wealthy Technology (Sustainability)
We commit to the happiness and wealth of nature and society and market and customer in the responsible manner. We don’t pursue the anti-social activities.
Clean Management

We are honest, we disclose and we manage everything crystal clear
Good People
Good Teamwork
We are good people sharing good team work, we credit and respect each other to make a vigorous company and we become good friends journeying great together.
Disciplined Culture

We discriminate what is public and what is private. We discriminate responsibility and liberty. We communicate freely to make our own disciplined culture “management house”
Leadership of Change
and Innovation
We see the relentless reality, we become the seed of fire voluntarily and we spread the flames of innovation.
Leadership of Commitment
and Deepness
We pursue one market with one technology until becoming a world-class hidden champion. We believe only the right depth can expand a new horizon into a new market.
Leadership of Masters

We do not hasten to grow fast, but rather we stride to grow slow and honest and grow continuously. We monitor our fixed expenses. We share our growth with society.

We keep on driving the GAMMA NU flywheel to accumulate the competence in one direction and to reach a breakthrough eventually.
Growth and Share

We do not hasten to grow fast, but rather we stride to grow sow and honest and grow continuously. We are alert not to raise the fixed expenses. We share our growths with society.
Action Criteria
We hear the voice of customer and we follow the process of TL9000 quality management and ISO14001 environmental management.
We believe problems are at the site and solutions are at the site as well. We pursue the management of “Visibility at the site”
Continual Improvement
We continuously improve the problem by comparing “before” with “after”